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Weed Eater RTE115C 15-Inch 4.5 Amp Twist-N-Edge Electric String Trimmer

Lightweight, efficient, and exceptionally easy to use, the Weed Eater RTE115C 15-Inch 4.5 Amp Twist-N-Edge Electric String Trimmer helps you create and maintain a beautifully manicured lawn and yard. This user-friendly tool boasts innovative features that give you greater control for more precise results, and a robust electric motor for plenty of power.

The RTE115C 4.5 Amp Twist-N-Edge Electric String Trimmer offers:
  • A 15-inch cutting path
  • One-touch conversion from trimmer to edger
  • A powerful, easy-to-maintain electric engine
  • Fully automatic line advancement
  • A lightweight design that's easy to handle

With a 15-inch cutting path and automatic line advancement, you get more done faster.

The RTE115C offers a lightweight, ergonomic design that's easy to use and maintain. View larger.
Sturdy, Flexible Design for Trimming and Edging Jobs
Designed to make trimming and edging a lawn quicker and easier than using hand tools, the RTE115C includes a Twist-N-Edge shaft that gives you the flexibility to take on even hard-to-reach areas. Access narrow places under shrubs or in corners your mower just can't get to, dismantle tough weeds and tall grass along fences, or clear up stubborn growth on your driveway. The tool's 15-inch cutting path makes it easier to get more done in less time. And with just the push of one button, the RTE115C converts from a trimmer to an edger for maximum convenience.

Cost-Effective, Electric Operation Saves Money and Protects the Environment
Powered by a 4.5 Amp electric engine, this string trimmer offers plenty of power to get the job done in an efficient package. Electric power means that this model is more cost-effective than comparable gas trimmers, easier to operate and maintain, and much better for the environment. And because it weighs just less than six pounds, it's a snap to lift and move around without straining your back or joints.

Fully Automatic Line Advance Head for Precision
Avoid excessive re-threading and other maintenance problems with the Centrex fully automatic line advance head, which ensures optimum precision and control without the need for guesswork or manual adjustments.

Tool-Free Assembly for Out-of-the-Box Performance
Easy, tool-free assembly means you can start working with the RTE115C right out of the box, and quick and effortless line re-threads cut down on interruptions while you work. Additionally, its ergonomic design minimizes user fatigue and makes trimming much more pleasant and productive.

The RTE115C includes a cord retainer and an edge guide. It is backed by a two-year limited warranty.

Weed Eater: Part of the Poulan Line of Powerful Yard Maintenance Equipment
The Weed Eater, Poulan, and Poulan Pro lines of yard maintenance equipment are backed by a long heritage of innovation that traces its roots to 1944. From smooth and stable riding mowers, lawn mowers, and tillers, to trimmers, blowers, snow throwers, and chainsaws, the Poulan/Weed Eater name is synonymous with a dedication to quality and maximum effectiveness. These products utilize the most robust engines from the industry's leading suppliers for long lasting outdoor equipment. The power of a gas powered two-cycle handheld will help you get the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, while Weed Eater/Poulan's line of electric trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws tackles those clean-up jobs around the yard.

What's in the Box
Trimmer, edge guide, cord retainer, warranty card, and manual.

Customer Review: Weed Eater String Trimmer
I have had other weed trimmers, but this one is by far the best. It is very powerful, but easy to use. I have a medium sized yard, and I've used it 4 times so far. The only thing that I noticed that I didn't like, was that I plugged it in, and accidentally had my finger on the trigger. It should have a safety switch that must be depressed at the same time as the main trigger. Other than that, it is a good machine.
Customer Review: hate the reloading
This is the 3rd Weedeater brand string trimmer I've owned. In the past I've always been able to load my own line onto a spare spool and change as needed while working. Not so this model, unless you want to buy a completely new spool for every line reload. The design of the model leaves no doubt in my mind that the manufacturer deliberately made it more difficult than it needs to be for the do-it-yourselfers and without doubt seems to be designed to encourage the user to buy pre-loaded spools rather than loading your own. Seems like an MBA somewhere decided they could do the same with replacement line as the computer printer manufacturers have done with the ink cartridges. I sure wish I would've researched more thoroughly. And I'm equally disappointed with Weedeater, a brand that I've trusted for many years. Not so going into the future. In fact, I'll probably hand cut before I'll buy another of their products. I would add that the owners manual clearly shows the old style spool when demonstrating how to load line. I defy someone from Weedeater to load line into the spool in a reasonable period of time. If they can, I will retract this review with complete humbleness.

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