Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yard Man YM132 15-Inch 5.2 Amp Electric Straight Shaft String Trimmer With EZ-Link Detachable Shaft

You want quality lawn equipment that gets the job done right but you don't want to spend all your money to get it. You want a Yard-Man. We offer a wide variety of walk-behind mowers, lawn tractors, snow throwers, string trimmers and blowers. So you can get your yard work done, with time and money left to do the things that you really like. As the Official Lawn Mowers of NASCAR, Yard-Man offers both push and self-propelled selections with premium features at exceptional values. You can mow fast and easy and get on with the fun things in life.
Customer Review: yardman- 137
It's durable & powerful w/5.2 amp motor, yet light. Has worked fine for 2 years. My property is big -- I use a 100 ft power cable.Reloading string is easier than my hard start Ryobi gas unit. I use bulk .095 string. Bump feed is reliable. This is a better product than wimpier, low amp electrics. Surprisingly, Yard-man no longer makes or sells electric string trimmers. That's a bummer, as I'd like a source of wear-out parts in the future. They act like they never heard of the -137 & same for the -132
Customer Review: Beware, I got a Ryobi
I ordered this through Amazon - well - an affiliate of theirs, I guess, and what I got was a Ryobi brand trimmer with a curved shaft. I was desperate at the time, so tried it out and am actually very happy with it. I don't know if Ryobi makes trimmers anymore, but given the bad review of this one, you might want to look for a Ryobi.

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